Why Your House Isn’t Selling

Why Your House Isn’t Selling

Can’t Sell Your St Augustine Home? Time For a Reality Check!

why home wont sellIf your house has been on the market for several months without any action you are probably wondering why it isn’t selling.

When you first met with a Real Estate agent you were full of excitement and hope that you would get a quick sale at the price you were asking. After all, St Johns County is one of the fastest growing counties in Florida.

Several months later you are scratching your head wondering what is going on here. Nobody is coming to see my home, no serious offers have been submitted and my Realtor is not calling me back with fresh ideas.

It may be time for a reality check so you can take a hard look at all the elements necessary to sell your home fast and for top dollar.

Over the next few paragraphs, I am going to review multiple areas of concern. Take a hard look at these areas and see if any of this pertains to your situation.

Marketing Your Home Problem

  • Very few shoppers are making appointments to view your home.
  • The photos taken are of poor quality or very few photos were taken.
  • Your realtor did a poor job of providing great information on your MLS listing. This means no room measurements or a boring description.
  • Your home is not getting enough online exposure on different popular marketing platforms.

Marketing your home is critical, especially in a competitive market like St Augustine. Since most home searches start online, you need to have a powerful appearance in as many places as possible.

Is it a Pricing Problem?

  • You are getting a decent amount of showings but no one is submitting any offers.
  • You have received a few offers and they are in the same price area below your listed price.
  • Market changes have reduced its value since you listed your home, and you have not adjusted your price.

Let’s face it, regardless of what you think your home is worth, the market determines what it will sell for. If it is priced too high it won’t sell. The longer it is priced too high, the longer it will sit. Buyers and other Realtors look at DOM (days on market) when searching the MLS.

If you are pricing your home to try and test the market and it is too high, you are adding more DOM. The more DOM people see, the lower the offers will become as buyers see a home that has been sitting.

Are You Making it Easy to Show Your Home?

  • Potential buyers are unable to tour your home when it is convenient to them.
  • You have placed unreasonable appointment times with broad notice periods.
  • You are home during showings
  • Pets running around
  • Your listing Realtor is hard to reach by other agents wanting to show your home.

This is the digital age and potential buyers are out looking using mobile devices for home searches and want instant access, on their schedule. The right buyer may never see your home if they cannot get access. Worse yet, having pets running around, or you being present can make buyers uneasy and cause them to cut their home tour short.

Are you Staging Your Home Properly?

  • Too much Clutter! De-clutter your house ASAP! Too many photos and stuff makes your house look smaller.
  • Furniture not positioned effectively.
  • Home is not kept clean and organized.

This is a big one! There is nothing worse than seeing a home that is cluttered. Buyers want to see space and all your wall and floor clutter kills their vision of a spacious home that they will be comfortable in. Not keeping your house clean at all times. If you want to sell your home you need to stay on top of things and assume the final buyer is coming to see it today!

Is Your Agent doing a good job?

  • Are you getting feedback, updates and information about your home and the competition.
  • Is your agent discussing new strategies to get your home sold?
  • Did your agent do more than just put your listing on MLS and waiting for it to sell itself?
  • Did your agent give you feedback about how your home is staged and make suggestions?

Other Factors that influence selling your home faster.

Location – Are you on a busy street, over looking train tracks? Do your neighbors take good care of their property? A neighbor that has junk cars or just a run down neighborhood. This ties into your pricing problem and you need to adjust your price accordingly.

House itself – Your agent is getting the same negative feedback from buyers. Needs too much work, lots too small,  again a pricing problem.

Timing of your listing – If a bunch of neighbors are all selling at the same time this creates a more competitive market for your neighborhood. A new home development just popped up down the road, or interest rates just went up.

Realtor Commission reduction – You are so proud that you hard balled your agent to drop the commission a few points. Guess what? Every Realtor in the area that has buyers will overlook your property because you do not want to pay market value for their work.

A Realtor that cuts commission to get your listing is also cutting the buyers agent commission, and probably will not invest much time or money in marketing your home. Photos, videos, online marketing, open houses will all take a hit.

The reality of selling your home fast

Market value is the place where how much a buyer is prepared to pay for the home meets how much you are prepared to accept for your home.

When determining a suggested listing price, real estate agents will look to recent and nearby comparable sales to help us predict what that market value might be. When all is said and done, your homes market value is actually dictated by the buyers and sellers.

About the Author:

st augustine realtor jeffrey taylorJeffrey is a Digital Marketing Expert, and St Augustine Realtor with HomeStar Pacetti Realty Network who thinks outside of the box to help get the results you want and need in today’s fast-changing market.

He uses his 22 years of Internet Marketing experience to provide creative real estate solutions for home sellers and real estate investors.

Jeffrey also buys all types of real estate through the HomeStar Pacetti Realty Network . They buy single family homes, whether they’re pretty houses, ugly houses, or just need some TLC.

No matter what your situation or need you have regarding Real Estate, he will be able to help you one way or the other! Jeffrey can help you avoid foreclosure, get rid of homes that may not be salable in their present condition, and work with you to help sell your home faster at a better price.

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